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Okay, It is my lucky summer since wide leg pants and long skirts are trendy this year :):)
Bought couple of skirts and couple of maxi dresses(It is very hard to find maxi dresses that pass for business casual, Thank you BananaRepublic :):) )
Anthropologie has the cutest wide leg pants, bought one and probably will buy another one when they go on sale (hopefully).

One problem: My outfits are now all bottoms, I bought only one cardigan, Oooooops!!
Still needs scarves which is also a dilemma mmmmm!!
But, Step forward:) I do not remember when was the last summer I bought clothes, ypppppy :)


Specially, my summer clothes. I barely have any and I need to burn it all and get everything new. It is very hard to find sth that matches my dress code here!!!!

My scarves are from the nineties !!!

For winter, I have several nice pieces but generally jackets that needs tops, skirts or pants!! NEED COMPLETE OUTFITS!!
And I can not find any casual wear that can pass my dress code !!!

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