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I’ve had difficulty sleeping again; I wake up with my heart pounding in my chest and in my ears, thinking of too many things that make me frightened.

I had an awful dream the other night, from which I awoke crying. I opened the newspaper to see a headline stating that another soldier was killed in A-stan…N’s father’s name was splashed across the page and I crumpled in a heap, sobbing for the loss – For N’s loss I guess, certainly not mine. It hasn’t been mine in over 7 years. Only a couple more weeks until he is home safe. I shouldn’t give a flying fuck, but I do…for N.

More nightmares last night – terrible images, when I did sleep. We’re back to this for now, I guess.

Time to play

Catch up!! Oh my goodness – with D sick this week, it’s been a terrible week for catching Zzzzz’s, so I will have to try and make up for the many lost hours if possible next week. If that means going to beddy-bye same time as D, so be it.

I’ll just have to record my Corrie..

Too good

to finish watching later – the movie ’ 7 Pounds’, that is. I had every intention of getting to sleep at a decent time last night, but I had begun watching this movie, on the recommendation of a friend. As much as I kept looking at the clock thinking to myself, ‘oh god, I’ve got to stop and go to bed, the alarm goes off in 6 hours!’ – I just couldn’t. At 1120 I finally did.

Still not done the movie, tonight perhaps.

Yes, I’m a bit drowsy this morning.

Oh dear...

Spent the day with family/friends we love immensely -got up early and drove for over an hour and had breakfast at Chateau MOntebello, and look! – now it’s 11pm and I’m just getting ready for bed now!

So much for ‘more sleep’ this weekend. I daresay it was worth it, as we had a lovely time.

Eight pm

is when I hit the sack last night – I was so tired, I was hurting all over. I slept almost completely through until 0500, except for the one time I had to get up with D…her soother fell out, as usual.

I feel fairly good today, but ask me in another 11 hours or so after my shift ends….!

This weekend

I asked my husband if he would mind if I took naps when I felt I needed it; Saturday I slept in until 0800, got up, vacuumed then promptly returned to bed until noon. Then I was sleeping again by 915 in the evening. Yesterday, I had a nap from 3pm-5pm. I haven’t had the opportunity to sleep this much in years – certainly since before my youngest was born!

Never mind the housework at night – it’ll keep. I’ve got to get myself to bed at night!

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