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Good news not yet recieved

Got a mass tax return YEOW. Hasnt come in the mail yet but as soon as that baby come im chucking STRAIGHT in SAVINGS YEOW.

Second to that…big news. My auntie has offered me 2 grand! Wow, wow, wow. Was fully hestistant cuz i have never been given that much money but she has insisted and i couldnt be more stoked.

That will get me half way to my goal MORE than half way!

Cant believe im doing this well but im so commited! I havnt been depressed about money for ages cuz ive finally got my act together!


Hard times

The working late is getting to me emotionally. Im thinking of not doing it anymore. Ill ponder though first. At the moment i havnt been saving AS MUCH as i should because ive needed new jeans, hair cut and dyed. Its NOT AN EXCUSE, i havnt got my hair doen for like 7 months. Anywho ive stayed on target, but this week i should be putting 400 in savings but i have crap to pay for. So now im stressing that i cant keep up the working late…and i havnt even saved extra. Although without the extra pay i couldnt be on par AND have a life so it has been good for something. I need a balance of money and time. Oh the age old saying.

Mums Tax

My mum got a hefty tax return so she gave me 300 hundred bucs!!

I also got my pay fixed up so i put an extra 100 in. Im up to 2400 now. After this pay on thursday and my tax return i should be over 3 grand. Exciting stuff!!


Yeow! Im up to 2 grand. Maybe a bit more this week if i get my pay fixed, they paid me wrong! BUT i am doing good. Im on track! After tax back ill be ahead..but ive worked out ill need heaps more than 10 grand so im aiming for 15 so i have 10 flat to travel with…Working extra hours helps but still get a bit depressed not going out as much.


Im doing suprisingly well.
Im saving as much as i CAN, and thats more than enough for me. Im saving nearlly half my pay a fortnight and im living with it much easier than i thought. I can see now my goal is much more acheivable. Its first starting which is the hardest once you get to your first goal you get into a habit…Im also paying bills more effiently and working with money more sensibly.

Many more months to go but i now see how every bit counts but also not to go overboard….the last thing you want to do is diving into your savings because you didnt budget enough! NEVER TOUCH THAT ACCOUNT – you have to think about it as if its not your money.

Learning lots….Really glad i havnt procastinated anymore.

A Good Day

I broke the thousand mark! Big Big milestone for me! No going back now!

I have something to admit though….i got flashed by a speed camera last night AGAIN so there like 200 down the drain there. IM SO STUPID.

Anyway im not letting anything get in my way….and the speeding has stopped for good!

Ive stopped buying any lunches…and i never buy coffees out..learning heaps of ways to save along the way….

Hard times but worth it.


Good news

I just realised im ahead of the rent….its hard to explain but i get paid fortnightly so i put a bit of my pay each fortnight for my rent, so i dont get stuck with using one pay cheque for the whole rent. ANYWAY for a few months rent day has been a day or 2 BEFORE pay day.

Now it has become in my favour and has moved after my pay day which means this pay day i have free to save heaps more!

Ive budgeted for this fortnight, and again its sooo tight but managable, its crazy how much you can live on when you cut out stupid expenses!

SOOOOO tomorrow when i get paid i would have achieved my first goal – which to me is the hardest cuz you have to work from zero!

Its going to feel great when it keeps getting up.

P.S Got this great tracking system. Its a thermometer shape and i have put the money incriments i want to acheive. Its in my office and work AND a couple of my walls at home.

P.P.S I havnt been this ENTHUSIASTIC lately

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