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Run 3 of Week 4 tonight!

So really I’ve been running for four and a half or five weeks if you include the days we put off—so we aren’t on the exact days with the couch to 5 K program but my running buddy and I are on day 3 of week 4 tonight. I’m so amped about it. I NEVER thought I could do this. NEVER. Gotta keep doing it. Gotta keep posting it on here too.

Running.. for the millionth time.

I know it’s common sense but I finally found a workout partner and we went running yesterday. It was so amazing how much easier it is to run with someone. We’re doing the Couch to 5K program and started on day one because I was a bit behind her and hadn’t been in forever. It was fun and “almost” effortless. I’m looking forward to run # 2 tomorrow! Who knew.


I think I ran (and walked…alternating) 2.5 miles today. It was hard..but it was awesome to do it.


Ok, after I’m not sure how long I started couch to 5K again… Not as bad as I thought it would be. I think I’ve finally broken in these shoes I bought. I did day 1 again and it was only hard at the very beginning and the very end. I hit some sort of stride in the middle. That was a relief. I feel like if I had done terribly today I might not go back out in two days. Right now, I’m almost excited to.

This is on pause...

Two reasons for the hold up.. 1. I got shin splints (pretty minor ones though thank goodness) and 2. I’m thoroughly unmotivated to keep doing this.

I did buy shoes though and I got a gym membership so I can start doing this indoors where it is not cold. I can also start going to gym classes which just makes me super happy. The breathing thing with running was not coming together but maybe if I do some other cardio to help build up strength and practice then running will feel easier when I try to start up again. I’m thinking of alternating a cardio class with running and I plan to continue to use the Couch25K plan because I felt OK with the first week….

Was going to run today....

but i had an (relatively mild) anxiety attack in the car. Where did THAT come from????? My shins are also hurting a bit.. so I think I’ll wait until tomorrow or maybe even Wednesday and see how things progress. Running tonight probably could have been ok but it’s dark and I didn’t feel up to chancing it.

Anyone know about the shin splints? If this is the start of them I would really like to avoid them…

Run 8

There it is… Well, few things happened today… I definitely need to buy better shoes with some sort of arch support (the one’s I’m using turn in a bit and I feel like my left foot leans all it’s weight in instead of even), found out there are way too many hills back behind my apartment…ran mostly downhill on this run and then had a serious walk back uphill at the end of my run, missed a turn and so I ended up way farther from my apartment than I anticipated. Extra mile walk at the end of all of it. Not bad except my leg was kind of hurting. So, next run I’ll try going out a different direction and I’ll see if it’s flatter.

I thought as I was going out today for my run that I am kind of proud of myself for not having quit yet and that I’m definitely surprised I’m still doing this..

Run 7

Well, here it is:

Overall I ran a bit slower today and the beginning felt harder although I’m not sure it actually was. Overall I did better, instead of walking through the last 1.5 run intervals I ran half of the second to last one and half of the last one…. still ended up needing to stop but maybe next time will go better. I’m going to try going down a different street for the second half of the run next time, maybe I won’t hit an uphill which is what is murdering me right now..

Run 6

So I waited one more day… but I did it today and have downloaded the Couch25K App on my phone by Run Double. It speaks out your intervals. This was way helpful because she told me when to stop and start. I did ok for the first half but the last running interval I had to stop half way through and walk and the last running interval I couldn’t even manage to go faster than the quick walking pace I didn’t realize it was the last one..or I may have forced myself (probably wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway). My walking pace slowed down througout the whole thing despite the fact it was supposed to be quick.

Here’s my run:

This stuff is hard to do… And I have a headache now.. Chugged some water but still feeling compressed. My body feels good though. Sigh Wish I could get the hang of the breathing thing… I still feel like I’m struggling with it.

Run 6.... Tomorrow

Just a heads up this may be TMI for some people.

Well I know why run 5 was so hard now. Because I’m a girl and once a month, life sucks. I ended up having a headache the rest of the day, nausea the next and then bam. So today I opted not to run in the face of cramps and a continued headache. Tomorrow should be better so I’ll run then.

I printed out the Couch25K plan and downloaded an app. I’m going to start the plan tomorrow since I’m struggling to pace myself and growing impatient. This will help me not over excert but still make steady progress. Run 5 really did feel miserable… hopefully this keeps me on my path.

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