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oh dear

not much progress on this one .. haven’t been going for my morning walks (went three times altogether this year) oh well .. have been sick .. still, shan’t lose hope .. and do walk more often up and down the road, and try never to take the lift, always the stairs.

but this goal needs more work .. only not just now . it’s TOO COLD.

am sick in bed

so no exercising the past few days. But have been trying to do a few stretching exercises cos this flu bug gives me horrid body ache.

Christmas Day

did more stretches this morning, and walked to my parents’ and back several times today. Phew! That’s plenty.

Day 2

Did some half-hearted stretches this morning. I hope that counts. Plan to walk down the road to mum and dad’s for lunch. Hope that counts too. I figure something is better than nothing.


I hate exercising. At least, today I do. I’m planning to start some stretching exercises though. I like stretches cos I can do them lying down in bed LOL

I need to walk too .. sigh .. that’s about all the exercise I’m open to these days. Maybe in summer I’ll find a pool (no heated pools in this city, I’m pretty sure).

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