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become a mermaid

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Okay KissingMidnight.

Uh…is that you in the picture?
If so, then who was taking the picture?

Oh god.

I completely forgot that I had this on my goal list even though I never was even becoming a mermaid in the first place :/


I sure hate it when people just lie about who and what they really are.


Must agree on LBC on this. He has the right to tell the truth his truth
You can’t report him for saying this. It’s not spam, it’s not lying, it’s not anything inappropriate.
There are people, predators you may call them, who prey on us teens who give out our private and contact info because they want to be turned.

So, yes, he has higher ethics and morals to find the promotion of such lies to be completely unacceptable situation.

So, theone14, you can say as much as you want, but he will stay here forever, he will keep warning us forever, but he will NEVER give up.

Hope you liked the speech.




guys isn’t the full moon tomorrow night? just thats what it says..


I’ve been a stalker, looking at before entries XD
and i found all this shit like “DONT LOOK AT THE FULL MOON!!!”

what’s that all about, and why?


okay! really really really important Q:

I was looking at the older older older entries, like years back, and people say that the insouciant inclemency spell is a curse. Is it true? i did some research and this is what I found:

Insouciant: carefree

Inclemency: severe weather or climate

Redoubtable: to be feared, also a person commanding respect

Mediocracy: average, of poor quality… etc.

Refutable: refusing

This is the spell:
“Insouciant Inclemency
Redoubtable Mediocracy
Refutable Humanity
Make me what i wish to be… a mermaid!
Witches one and witches all
Give this power to me!”

So technically, if you use regular words, the spell would be:

“Carefree, severe
Feared, yet non feared,
Refusing humanity
Make me what I wish to be a mermaid!
Witches one and witches all
Grant this power to me.”

So basically it’s like saying that you want to be a part of the ocean and carfree, stern and rough enough to survive the oceans, the ocean is feared, but you are not afraid of the ocean, and that you wish to be more than just human.

I guess, xD

You know...

if I ever become a mermaid, i want to race a dolphin xD
i’d probably lose, because I’m extra bad at swimming, but I would like to try xD

A Question

Do you think it would work if I enchanted a necklace to turn me into a mermaid? It has lots and lots of shells on it, with tiny shell fish braided into it. I’m not really sure if it would work. Would it?

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