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Being nice :)

I’m not saying I’m not nice… I am. But I want to try and stop thinking bad things too. We are all trying to live life so fast – in a hurry for nothing really. Like today for example. I was walking down a footpath when three people came out of a shop and walked slowly taking up the whole footpath in front of me. I felt so annoyed because I had to slow down – it took a while for a clear place to pass them and then I realised that I wasn’t really in a hurry. I was just annoyed that someone had slowed me down – so I shouldn’t have been grumpy about something so small. Don’t sweat the small stuff etc…

So after that I lined up in the green grocers to buy some strawberries and a pear. I was behind a little old lady. She was so lovely and friendly – but so SLOW! She was having a chat – couldn’t count out her change fast, fumbled with her walking stick, and then took a while to get all her bags sorted before she could leave. And I felt nothing but heartwarming feelings for this lovely woman. She turned to me and apologised for taking so long. I smiled and said, “You’re fine. No worries.”
To that she reached into her bag and gave me and the shop assistant a little sweet. She said to me, “This is for such a lovely smile.”
That lady made my day with such a simple gesture.
I want to be just like her! :)


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