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Neuron2k7 has written 3 entries about this goal

Hm, could be easy..

Some things that worked well for me.. it seems to be very much
about frames and energy – some beliefs :

Don’t have to – too much
Don’t need / don’t lean!
Don’t expect it..

Maybe just ..
.. BE there
.. shimmer with own charismatic energy (don’t overdo it plz!)
.. don’t watch out too much for traces!
.. but know that it could happen and feel happy about it when it does..

Then WAIT for it. The possibilities will soon be there!!
And as so as they are there just let it happen (; Have FUN!

I really want to learn so much more about this than I know now!
Any comments or tips for me?

intuition & flirting

.. I think a lot of times in flirting Can and Can’t is a matter
of openness and intuition. And sometimes I just aren’t as open
to foreign energy as I used to be. This is a matter of the right state of mind and practice.

Today i didn't flirt very well...

.. well, I had kind of a headache and felt a little bit
lost triing .. i also think i skipped the right moment multiple times, caused by a momentary lack of intuition (; howow
hmm maybe it just wasn’t the right time .. so at worst it doesn’t matter ..


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