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convert someone into a hardcore Bob Dylan fan

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oh, and the last song would definately be “restless farewell” cuz not only is it a brilliant, beautiful song, i consider it to be the best closing song on an album i’ve ever heard (far more effective than “desolation row” and “sad eyed lady,” in my opinion)


i love the idea of leaving a blank cd with dylan songs on it in a library, it reminds me of that scene in garden state, i dont know why, but if i were to make a cd like that, i dont know if i’d put my favorite dylan songs on it, i think i’d put the songs that would be most likely to convert someone to the religion of Bob, and the songs i guess i’d put on it would be:
-I Want You (this got it all started for me)
-Boots of Spanish Leather(i’ve never met anyone who hasnt fallen in love with this song after hearing it, really hearing it)
-Up To Me (because songs dont get more beautiful than this. i love how it feels so personal yet is vague enough that almost anyone can relate to it in a way)
-Love Minus Zero/No Limit (perfect melody)
-She’s Your Lover Now (such wild, almost meaningless lyrics)

anyway, those arent necessarily the greatest dylan songs (there’s no like a rolling stone or visions of johanna or desolation row there) but they are the songs that elevated bob over any other artist (aside from the beatles) for me. they’re what i think a newcomer would like also

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