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Gone sailing!

This past Sunday, as planned, we took the dinghy Juliana for her inaugural sail.

I was quite nervous, because I’d done my training so long ago, and I feared that I may look like a fool or damage the little craft.

But the weather was really mild, with almost no wind, and we could launch with the occasional stranding and bumping.

Although the light wind and rookie skipper combined for a mediocre (at best) sail, I am very happy!

I hope it doesn't rain.

This week I finished my sailing dinghy, the Argie 10 Juliana. We’re making plans to go sailing this Sunday.

The season.

Summer is rolling around again. I need to make some time to work on my dinghy.

Step by step.

With the source of luff track being discovered, there’s very little that now stands between me and the sailing. It’s a matter of some blocks, and rigging, then the dinghy will be ready. Last weekend I finished the rudder, which was the other crucial component.

A gift

Yesterday I got a sail for my dinghy. It is a sail from a class I don’t know, so pretty random, but it should fit on my mast and boom. Luckily the rigging is still to be made, so I can make it fit this sail.

The sail itself is stained and chafed, but it is likely to last me many years, considering the amount I’m likely to use it.

Suddenly I know what I’m going to do this December!


With a completed rudder that only needs painting, my dinghy is a step closer to being ready for sailing. If I can get the stuff for making a sail, it might even be as early as next summer!

Mine own.

My dinghy is out of storage, and I should be making mast and fittings for sailing next week. There’s a chance that when I go sailing again it’ll be with my own dinghy.

Eliminating barriers.

Now that I have my own life jacket there is one less thing that stands between me and sailing.

Winter sailing?

It is a pity that it has now turned cold again without me having been on the water. There’s nothing that prevents me from sailing in the winter, it will just be cold and uncomfortable.

For no good reason.

I have been a member of the sailing club for two years now. The club has a lovely location in a nature reserve. It is efficiently run, and active. I can rent a boat for a minuscule amount of money. I dearly love the place, yet I been there only twice, with no time spent on the water.

I would really like that to change. I wonder how.

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