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stop procrastinating

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I have improved dramatically in most aspects and of course I’m still a work in progress but mostly when it comes to household things like doing laundry, dishes, picking up the living room lol. I’ve gotten good at handling all my other business in an efficient fashion.


Well its been a few years and I haven’t been on here for like 2 wow but I definitely still procrastinate certain things but by far have improved more than I’d ever expected in this area. I’ve still got a certain few things I need to quit procrastinating with but for the most part I got this one on lock down.


so lately i haven’t been procrastinating.
i’ve kind of come to the conclusion that the saying “you can run but you can’t hide.” is very true. you can run from responsibility but then you’re only dragging it out and making it more painful. i would rather just do it now and prove to myself that i can. i think i also needed to start doing stuff for myself. rather than my parents.

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