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stop worrying so much

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Now that I’ve been working for a number of years and I’m out on my own I do have a tendancy to worry about money a lot but I do catch myself and try to cool my jets. I don’t want to be so relaxed about it that I come up short financially but I don’t want to over think it to the point of obsessing. Sometimes I just gotta take a deep breath and remember that not only is it going to be okay but now that I’m married I have a second person and income to depend on as well. I guess I still haven’t gotten used to that entirely especially since I was just getting used to depending myself financially when he came along.

letting go

i havent really realized that i havent been so worried so much until i stopped and tried to think of the last thing i was stressing. and im seriously drawing a blank. i really cant tell you how i did it. i guess i just, forgot it. either until later when it needed to be dealt with (because theres no reason to go over it in your head again and again and just antagonize yourself). just deal with it. either then. or if thats not possible as soon as possible. but until then dont think about it. just wait it out. its hard at first i guess, cause you’re trying to forget. and thinking about forgetting. which doesnt work. you just have to let it all go. it feels good though. ive still got a few things to work on. but im almost there. and its feeling good.


now that i moved out of my parents house for the first time. im getting my first job. you’d think id be worrying more than ever, well i am finally remembering how to let shit go and just chill and have fun.

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