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quit drinking

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I know

I will succeed amazingly at this when “I” choose to stop.. not because someone else is telling me to

ok.. changing this goal..

AGAIN. I have made the choice to just stop period…

been three weeks

can’t say it’s been difficult, I hope as a result I have lost some weight:)

Last night

at work the boss came in and offered us all a drink at the end of the night- the other girls had a vodka or a kahlua (or both) and I declined:) Was interesting that I didn’t try to find an excuse to have one.. but I didn’t really feel like one:)

Last night

My eldest daughter and her guy came over to Jam for a while.
Dare played the drums, Ernst played Bass and sometimes guitar and Tasia and I sang. Everyone was drinking but me, and ya know what? it didn’t bother me. I honestly thought it might- but it didn’t:)
I think I have discovered that my problem with alcohol (if there indeed is a problem) is that once I start – I don’t like to stop until I am done. Period. Whether it is one glass cause I am out for lunch with a friend or it is a bottle and a half cause I am in front of the fire pit and I just haven’t reached the state of “holy crap I can’t drink anymore and I’m done”. I dunno- trying to figure it all out- it’s kinda been an interesting experience to look at my habits and explore them more closely;)

So far so good!

Been a week now, and I did suck a good job of it last time that I haven’t really been in the mood to have a glass of wine… lol
6 more weeks till Yule:) and if we take Sorcha to the bar for her 18th BD next week I get to be the DD! Dare usually does, so this time I can let him take the night off and cut loose with a beer and his girls at the pub:)


43things needs a FAIL tab;) lol
ok.. gonna adjust this goal to make it read no drinking till Yule!


well this is a bust again…
I went three weeks no drinking. Then Dare and I went on a road trip. We were staying at a 4-5 star resort in the mountains that was just beautiful and I had a blue rare steak (really yummy) so I had wine with supper.
Then a week later it was my birthday and I had wine…

ya know.. I don't

seem to need to drink- or even miss drinking. I definately like it- and I find when I do it I just like to do a good job…lol If it’s not around I don’t even think about it. Interesting

7 days

don’t miss it. We’ll see how it goes till the next BBQ:)

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