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Reached my goal

but I’m moving the goal posts! :-)

This past year has been an amazing journey of health and wellbeing for me. My weight goal was to go from 86kg to 65kg which puts me comfortably into my healthy BMI range.

Well I’ve lost over 21kg and am now at the 64.something stage and feeling great! So I’m not hung up on losing weight now but I want to keep going and reduce my body fat percentage and waist size. Unfortunately I’m an apple and the bit of fat that’s left is all around my middle. For women, a waist size of under 80cm is recommended for health. So that’s my main goal now and I hope that continuing the healthy eating and exercise will help me reach it.

Best of all, I’m loving this new lifestyle!


I’m well on my way with this goal at last. I’ve lost about 12kg so far through healthy eating and very gentle exercise. It’s hard to say how much more I have to lose, probably the same again. But I think it’s getting easier rather than harder and I’m enjoying my healthier lifestyle. Because the chronic fatigue has improved, I’ve been able to be more active and spend more time and energy shopping for and preparing healthy food.

Now I’m starting to get more ambitious about my fitness too. I know I have to be careful but it’s so wonderful to feel that I can get out there and start exercising again.

Well at least I haven't gained!

I haven’t been focussing on this goal – more on trying to eat enough of the good stuff. I’m often quite lazy and grab sweets, crisps and choc when I’m hungry rather than have a proper meal.

I know that diets aren’t for me but I’m going to stop buying certain “treats” when I shop although I’m not cutting out everything. If the midget gems aren’t in the cupboard, then I won’t sit down and eat the whole packet!

I’m also recording what I eat. Not obsessively though. It started as a meal plan (which helps me not spend too much on food shopping) and now I’m noting what I actually end up eating. E.g. yesterday – I was supposed to have a salad for lunch but ended up eating a packet of sweets! Tut tut :-)

I hopped on the scales this morning and I’m the same. Happy not to have gained considering all the rubbish I’ve eaten over the past few weeks.


I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost 3lb. I don’t want to get too hung up on the numbers though because I’m trying to just eat better and be a bit more active. If I start to feel I’m “on a diet” I know I’ll just want to come off it. So I’m not sure if I’m going to keep checking or not – it is tempting though!


I’ve been trying to make better choices this weekend with my food. I was away at a family party and didn’t get too hung up on what to eat.

Because we’re having nice weather here (Ireland) at the mo I feel like eating more fruit and veg and that’s my main aim. I’m hoping that if I’m eating lots of healthy stuff I won’t be so hungry for the junk food! Time will tell!

Starting all over again

I’ve lost weight twice before with Weight Watchers and have piled it back on. I don’t believe diets are the answer for me. I have been eating badly as I haven’t felt like preparing meals, partly cos of depression. I’ve just been grabbing snacks as they are easy. I actually like a lot of healthy foods so it’s a question of being organised. Another factor is that I’ve been extremely inactive so if I improve in that area it will help the weight loss.

I am about 13 stone and would like to be 10 stone. My immediate goal is to drop 7lb.

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