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have a regular sleep pattern

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I think I'll stop worrying about this goal for now

My sleeping pattern is all over the place but I’m getting enough sleep and it’s of good quality mostly.

When I’m back in college in the Autumn, it’ll be back to getting up and going to bed at set times so I might as well enjoy the freedom of irregular hours for now.

Well at least my sleep pattern is regular in its irregularity!

I went to bed about 1am last night feeling quite alert – no surprise as I’d napped during the day. I read a little till I was drowsy and conked out and had a good night’s sleep. I didn’t set an alarm as I was aware of feeling very tired. Maybe I should have cos I didn’t wake up properly till about 11am!

I suppose it’s no harm but I do like the feeling of waking up early. On the plus side, I’m less likely to have a nap today. I’ll aim to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

I know I’m lucky really because at least I don’t have insomnia.

Swings and roundabouts!

On the one hand, I got up very early yesterday which pleased me. And today I got up early too – so that’s great too.

On the downside I am the Queen of Naps. Yesterday I succumbed and conked out on the couch after lunch and I did the same today!

I feel grand and I’m not going to beat myself up over it but it’s going to be that bit harder to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

Ha - my body clock seems to have a sense of humour!

Just as well!

So I made myself go to bed at 11pm last night, it seemed like a sensible time. I was a little tired but not sleepy so I read in bed till I felt drowsy, an hour tops I guess. Conked out and all was good.

And here’s the funny bit! Had my alarm set for 8am but I was wide awake at 5.30am. So I decided “feck it” and got up. I quite like the idea of early starts as the world is clean and fresh and quiet at that hour. My only problem is that I usually end up napping but I will resist that urge today as much as possible.

It would be quite nice if I became a real early riser but I’d settle for 8am!

Action required! This was starting to improve but is now going in the other direction

My days go something like this. Wake up about 4 or 5am if it’s sunny as the light wakes me up. Way too early. Go back to sleep till about 10am. Get up, do much less than I should do. Have a nap (maybe) Do more stuff, mostly unproductive. End up chatting online or watching TV till about 2am. Late night – so tired the next day, can’t get up at a “normal” time or if I do, end up napping later in the day. And so it continues.

It’s worse cos I’m on my holidays but I don’t want to waste them by doing nothing so I am going to deal with this.

I know that I used to be a morning person and I can get up early if I need to – it’s just that I don’t really need to at the moment.

But there are lots of activities/chores etc that I could be doing if I got up early. Yoga, my unstarted couch – 5k plan, housework, a walk for example.

So maybe if I make a plan to schedule these activities, and make myself get up for them, I will start to get sleepy at a reasonable time. I will hold off the naps (I have been getting better with that). I can tweak my strategy as required.

Initial Plan: Day 1
As a start, I will set my alarm for 8am tomorrow. Done. I will get up, showered, dressed, breakfasted and do some activity or chore first thing.

Edit: and no naps tomorrow!

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