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i’m still with CASE, though i want to increase my participation level. i actually lead an interview last time. i’m also a member of SCF which is an org in my province of PNG which hopes to help sick children there to have access to treatment and to good treatment.

i’m incraesing my activeness slowley. i’ve also started becoming more active with amnesty. my sit back and read the emails they forward me has moved on to attending a meeting and actually knowing what i can do and signing on to do a couple of things for them. i hope my participation only increases.

i’ve also got in touch with an org regarding my support of self-determination in west papua and have planned- entries under that goal.

now i really want to commit mysef to what i’ve started and only make those commitments grow.

refugee aid

I’ve gone and sat through interviews with refugees seeking legal aid to get a fair idea of what’s going on & just done minor things to help. In a few weeks however I’ve actually been allocated a case with another volunteer to work on involving the ‘family reunion project’, so am looking forward to that. Some of the people who do this have an amazing level of commitment to the cause, it’s great!


I just want to do good, to be a decent person and help as many people as I can. I’ve recently volunteered with this organisation to help refugees obtain temporary & hopefully permenant visa’s here in Aus. I’ll be putting my limited legal knowledge to use. That’s a start.

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