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post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :)

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to buy or not to buy

acer aspire one netbook (in saphire blue)
should i buy it or not?

its about $800NZD
has 120GB memory
and a 1.6/8 ghz processor
..... but not sure…


Name issues

i am starting a blog for camp america and i need a name for it, can anyone help me??

To Italy or not to Italy...

that is my question…

what can you tell me aboput visting italy or planning to visit or stay in italy ???

what visa’s do you need….. passports?

what about the country itsself?

Question of the day

if you had the choice of expensive chocolate or free liquorice which would you choose?

Money worries

so i have to tell my dad that buy the end of december he wwill owe me $1080 in pocket money and that i need him to pay up by may next year because it’ll help me in my saving to go to america…..

any ideas on how i can tell him or get him to pay up as he’s constantly broke and only gets paid once a month…. ???

has any one ever owed you obsence amounts of money? and how did you get it back …if you got it back

does everyone

love baby animals????

how often do you say i hate you ??

how often do you say i hate you ???

how often do you mean it ???

can we truely ever hate anybody long term????

Dog food .... yum or yuck???

When dog food is new with improved tasting, who tests it?

do they hire people and are like … should this be consumed by humans yes or no ? ... or do they just feed it to dogs and see which ones eat it all and which ones dont?

if your absolute favourite song of all time came on the radio...

would you get up and dance along or just quietly mumble along with it ???

Edit: are there any situation that you would ever ignore the fact that your favourite song was playing ???

if you

went camping by yourself … with a group of strangers would you be ok to share the group tent/ cabin or would you rather sleep outside ?? how long would it take you to get comfortable around them ?

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