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OasisOfCalm has written 35 entries about this goal

15th May

1. Do some washing
2. Write (at least) one page in diary
3. Take things to recycle

24th October (preparing for Halloween)

1. Carve pumpkins
2. Make ‘Skull Cake’ (just got to ice it)
3. Look for Halloween songs I haven’t put on CDs other years (did on 30th mostly)

3rd October

1. Tidy room some
2. Do some washing
3. Write diary some

14 July

1. Shower
2. Do some washing
3. Do a sudoku and alphadoku

8th July

1. Have a shower
2. Put leaflets in papers
3. Tidy room a bit

28 June

1. Do recycling
2. Post “Summer Burn” CDs
3. Have a shower

24 June

1. Get “Summer Burn” tracklisting sorted (spent most of the day doing it and then made the CDs too)
2. Leaflets in papers (made a start, and did rest the next day)
3. Watched series 2 of “Flight Of The Conchords” (downloaded), at least some (watched 2 on 25th)

Fri 11 June

1. Do deliveries earlier than usual, gets it done and means I can concentrate on other things (I woke up earlier than usual today, I’m really tired, but I should do this)
2. Sort some e-mails – just it’s building up again
3. Finish story on 43T (finished now but didn’t on Fri)

13 Nov

1. Clean drawers in room (did on 16th)
2. Shower
3. Clothes away

5 nov

Remember, remember (to get these done on…) the 5th of November! Like what I did?

1. Do some washing
2. Listen to the rest of Adam And Joe (finished listening on Friday)
3. Watch fireworks!

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