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organize my digital photos

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Been up late

Even though I am tired… but I’ve actually being doing some more of this, which I hadn’t got around to for ages. It’s important to do, and as I’ve done some, that’s good.


Transfered some from my phone onto the PC, in folders! It’s a start. I should try and transfer from my phone as I go along too, as it builds up and stuff.

I have

SO many. Photography is something that interests me, so since when I first got a camera phone – well, I’ve taken 1000s of pictures. Need to organize them into folders (yes there are some still just in random folders), and I need to transfer more from my phone to PC and put them in folders as I go along.


Was bored, so came on computer, and actually did some of this (put some photos that were just all jumbled together randomly in seperate folders saying what they are from, so it’s more organized). Thankfully SOME of the photos I’ve taken are already in proper folders saying what they are, but a lot aren’t.

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