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dye my hair

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Totally forgot I’ve done this. I got three red sort of ‘clumps’ in my hair, one at the right under my frindge and going round to my ear, another at the left and another at the back. It’s awesome. I love my hair =]


I promised my hairdresser I wouldn’t dye it again, but now that the black is REALLY washing out [ick] it looks awful. I have random bits of brown all through it now. What IS weird is that the bottom of my hair is still dead black but the top layers are washing out. Hmm. I want to eventually bleach my hair and then dye it a mad colour, like the red I had through it a few months ago maybe. I’dlike to have it all diffrent colours, too. It’s be mad. Don’t know if that’ll ever happen though. We’ll see.


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