OliverSebastian is doing 22 things including…

lose one pound a week


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OliverSebastian has written 3 entries about this goal

Week 1

145.6 lbs

The Plan

So far my plan is pretty simple. I have a bodybugg, and I’m trying to be more active than I have been, and eat less. I’m just trying to make sure I burn more calories than I consume. Some days it’s just not feasible to go running for an hour or do some resistance training, so I eat lighter on those days. I’m 5’9”, 146, so it’s not like I’m really overweight, but I do want to get back into shape and lose at least ten pounds. I need to check my measurements as well. To be honest, if my clothes fit better on me, then I really don’t care what the scale says.

Weigh-in Week 0

146.4 lbs


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