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Omri has written 2 entries about this goal

japanese, step one: the pecking cuckoo method.

found this book, japanese @ once, at value village this week. i’m skeptical of the claim the title makes, but i suppose we’ll see, won’t we? at the very worst, it’s likely to at least turn my nippo-gibberish a bit more believable. and oooh, internet supported, how stylish. though i’m having trouble locating the support on their web page.

hey lookit that, i just briefly glanced at whatever page it fell open to and now i know how to say “home, please.” as in “i don’t understand your culture and society. they are foreign and alien to me. please mister taxicab driver person, kindly help me escape to the sanctuary of my abode.”

i take it that, whenever actually in japan, i’ll be carrying a note with the necessary address written on it for me at all times, of course.

Just enough to get by, everywhere.

I already speak Hebrew and English fluently and have a basic very rudimentary comprehension level in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese. I took Arabic in school for three years thinking I’d need it for my Israeli military service, then promptly forgot almost all of it when I wasn’t drafted. I failed French 101 in college not because I didn’t learn the language but because I was excessively tardy (see my number 2 goal for that.) I even had to study Afrikaans when I lived in South Africa for two months and the only thing I recall is how to properly pronounce “groot”, which really just means I kinda learned Dutch.

I’m fascinated by Japanese and speak a rather passable Nippo-Gibberish, meaning I’m able to make completely made up sounds seem like I actually know the langauge.

Other Asian tongues like Chinese (any form) or Korean I tend to find much too funny, so I’m not as out to learn them as much as badly imitate them. Horrible of me, I know.

A hint of Russian wouldn’t hurt. And some Czech, mostly because I wanna spend some serious time in Prague.

Dammit. Which one do I start with?

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