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Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working


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i managed (somehow) to spend 2 weeks without going onto any irrelevant sites…these being anything not directly conected with project research or e-mail. i got my work completed sooner! didn’t miss the irrelevant sites so much, but the not going on msn was my downfall after a fortnight!
i think i’ll try it again, so, hopefully this should be the last irrelevant thing i’m looking at on the screen untill…ooo next sunday at least. sigh


this isn’t going to great, my main web-addiction is msn, i tried not log on for a week, but failed miserably. i really should just not allow my self to go on the internet full stop, however i need to for reseach. okay okay, i’ll attempt not to connect to any irrelevant sites at all ‘till next friday. i can, and will, do this!


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