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become better at small-talk

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i am improving, there are still the awkward silences, but i’m beginning to fill them when i need to. luckly as the person behind the counter in the coffee shop it’s usually the customers who make a comment first, usually about the art exhibition that is currently on there and opinions on art in general. i have opinions on art and love drawing myself, but, i don’t know as much about it as the artists that come in…understanderbly. although i am beginning to learn more from them.

I think before i’m there again i’m going to think about my own opinions on the art exhibited there at the moment, so my answers are more fluent.

Another problem is that that’s the topic that’s most natural to discuse as i’m in an art gallery, and to be perfectly honest i can’t exactly use the small-talk aquired about “Defining what art is” or whether certain art work is in fact “art” in many other aspects of my life!...and they’re not topics i’d define really as small-talk!!

have to become good at it

now started a new job where i’m serving customer in a small cafe place. as the coffee machien takes ages to work, there’s about a minuite’s dead silence as we both stand awkwardly not meeting each other’s eyes. and i NEED to fill the silences!

a lot of them come in regualarly so i already know their names, and i so i’ve started struggling with the little pointless conversations, i’m getting better (matter of practice!), and hopefully it’s something that will come naturally the more i talk…otherwise i’m in trouble!

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