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Stick with and achieve my WEEKLY fitness goals, which I KNOW make me happier and healthier

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Time to stop neglecting this

I keep seeing people with goals about doing pushups, and I keep thinking, “Hey, I could work on that,” and then never do it.

So I think starting tonight, I’m going to work on this again. It’ll be gradual. Tonight I plan to just kind of see what I can do(how out of shape I’ve let myself get).

So I’m about to add a pushup goal, which will help me with this goal, the build muscle goal, should help with improving my posture(or at least work the muscles that will make it easier to improve my posture), and maybe even the goal about gaining weight.

Also, I plan to start stretching again to add to this goal and help with the goal of becoming more flexible again.


It has been forever since my health has allowed me to get on a regular workout schedule. My health has been doing good recently, but then a broken foot stopped me from getting anything started. Well, now that’s better enough that I can get something going again. And tonight I did.

I just finished my first workout routine since December I think. I had forgotten how good it feels. My goal time is about 1 hour each day. It was short today, but once my foot is completely healed(it still hurts once in a while), I plan to add 10-15 minutes on the treadmill before and after so that’ll come out at a bit over an hour.

I also found it kind of interesting that I was able to add more weight and reps to my workout routine than the last time I had done it(I keep track of it in an excel spreadsheet). So even though I’m in worse shape, I’m actually stronger… kind of weird. Oh well, I’m not gonna complain lol.


I’ve got other goals for building muscle and improving my flexibility, but this one is going to include both of those plus some cardio.

So far I’m doing good, but I just started yesterday so… Anyway, I’m hoping since I joined this site, it’ll help me stick to some of my goals.

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