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Dancing to the drum of the beat ..

From David Jordan to Dido and then it hits the DJ mixes most of which were added by my daughter, theres a couple i absolutely love like DJ Kydd’s remix of Timbaland’s Way I Are or DJ Mummy’s Nuttin No Go So but there were also some really really naff ones .. the first time i tried to delete these my daughter was in the kitchen and kept coming in tempted by one of her favourites i didn’t have the heart to delete so i saved them for another day .. another day came i got rid of a few but am still hesitant about some .. another day will come again .. for now my d’s are organised with my total tunes down from 3222 to 3214, small success.

I have a few favourites but this one always gets me on my feet ..


Hmmm its suddenly got hot in here!

Classically Collective ..

oh i love how organisingly mixed up the C’s are .. from The Carpenters to Chamillionaire to Coldplay with Coldplay being an all time favourite i have three of their cd’s but only one on my itunes .. X&Y which i realised today has a hidden track, there is a track 13 which isn’t shown on the cd cover it nearly got me confused while making a well deserved playlist.

So now i’ve gone from 3232 to 3274 back down to 3222 tunes, funny i have added a new cd, i guess i must’nt love the C’s as much as i do the A’s and B’s.

Now for something appropriately different ..


and on to the D’s .. :)

Boom to the Beat Fantastic ..

I have a right mix in my B’s tunes from Barbara Streisand to Beyonce to my favourite Bruno Mars and they all deserve a special place in my itunes .. playlists sorted i am happy.

I was 12 when this tune was released ..


and i still love acting silly to it .. :)

Hmmm my total tunes has bounced from 3232 to 3274, what did i expect i have been out and treated myself to some new cd’s in fabulous ‘I May’ style organising them into my itunes upon their debut i can’t wait to get to my N’s and P’s but for now its back to my C’s.

Acoustically ..

I like the way my itunes library tells me i have 8.7 days worth of music to listen too, so theoretically this goal should only take a couple of weeks coz hey i gotta sleep .. Lol .. and if i’m gonna do it proper i going to have to listen to all 3232 tunes.

My library is a few years old, somehow i’ve ended up with a couple of my son’s cd’s but hey i don’t mind abit of eminem and my daughter’s penchant for downloading some of the best and most naff tunes .. can you guess where i got my snuggle bunny song from .. hehe .. and there have been a few doubles hey i’ve even seen quadruples of what i presume to be a favourite track so its abit of a mess.

Like James i like it to be in proper order .. song track, artist, cd title, and it most frustrating finding track 1’s to 20 titled allsorts, old or reeeeemix or even worse full_ae345a6895043b0934 i mean wth, i take pride in my music even the naff ones .. :)

Its only taken me 3 months to start but now my songs in the A column are neatly arranged with playlists included, including one entitled random A’s for all those one hit wonders i like to remember for theres always a moment for a tune .. :)

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