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Random Me ..

I’ve been known to be quite random where some people get me with a smile and others just roll their eyes and scratch their heads but give me a chance and you will come to understand my randomness then maybe you can smile too before the minds connect and smiles come forth wrapped in the connection of a whimsical understanding.

So i just wrote an entry and like most entries i end with the title .. post ~ cheer ~ oops ~ i forgot to title .. then it pops into my head Vincent Van Gogh and Starry Starry Nights .. where did that come from i randomly think as i write with the song playing in my head.

Oh i know, it was the mention of pictures and starry memories as i remember the words of Don McLean and treat myself to the Van Gogh’s visual imagery of another world now connected with my own.

Now back to my randomness of an appropriately titled goal ..

Since celebrating my one year anniversary and feeling quite at home i would like to have something more personal to me, of what i’m not sure but sometimes being random suits me and is a good place to start.

Santa's in town ..

Leaving work one evening last week and walking down the high street i saw someone looking alittle like Santa in his red satin trousers and open jacket revealing a hulk of a chest and a belly to be proud of come running out of a club and stand pride of place next to a dubious looking reindeer .. at the same time, i noticed the crime response unit parked right on the corner with a uniformed beefcake standing astride .. had santa been naughty .. curious and curiously he looks alittle like that guy, you know the one, but where is his kid the sweet part of his double act ..

I’ve since found out that .. yes it was, Stravos Flatley was filming a christmas tune and it turns out he does alot of entertainment in this paticular club plus he and his family live down the road with all the posh estates which are the highlight of my journey every day .. still don’t know what happened to the kid.

Dear John ..

I’ve a little dilemma and i don’t know what to do ..

Five years ago on my very first social website i met a guy called T we’d say hello, how are you and maybe share a joke then he’d disappear for a while and pop up again out of the blue, hello, how are you, more jokes. This went on for about three years. Two years ago he was around abit more and we’d talk about daily life, family and our love lifes, he’d just split up with someone he was going to marry. In the blink of an eye he found someone new just as i was in a relationship with the abusive ex, we swapped phone numbers and catch up with a conversation from time to time. He listened to my upsets with my abusive ex and told me he was getting married again, I was kind of shocked, it seemed so sudden but i tried not to show it caught up in my own relationship and its problems. Then he disappeared again, i was slightly annoyed, it was the worst time for me when i needed my friends.

He messaged my phone again a couple of months ago, he said he was sorry, admitted he had a habit of dropping his life when he was involved and he had learnt his lesson. I quickly forgave him, he was in a bad way, they had split up a few months ago, he wasn’t very happy, he needed a friend.

We’ve shared a few conversations since and talked about our ex’s. I’ve told him how far i’ve come since moving on from my ex and he should do the same, concentrate on himself, enjoy his own time, enjoy being single. He listened and made all the right noises.

The last month or so its become more regular, him staying in touch .. we’ve never met although its been suggested before and i’ve never had a problem with it but hes been bringing it up more and more. Instincts have been telling me, hes the kind of guy who moves from 1 to another and yes he wears his heart on his sleeve, gets deeply involved, i think he just wants to be loved, i think he thinks he can’t be happy unless hes got a girlfriend to love.

Instincts have been telling me i’m a possible in his mind .. then last night on the phone .. bam .. hes suddenly telling me hes always liked me .. it put me on edge and i don’t know why .. furthermore i don’t know what to do about it.

Coincendences ..

It started on August 13th .. I remember the date because it was KimberGreene’s birthday goal and i’d been thinking balloons floating through the sky as i browsed through the pictures on the net before i went to work .. on my way to work i made a detour and there on the path in front of me laid a yellow balloon, i smiled at the coincedence ..

The following morning in the office the manager’s mobile had been going with calls from her teenagers as she outlayed forthcoming plans to us .. on the next ring, she answered, said “i’m busy” and hung up, looking at her, her expression suddenly softened and she smiled as she picked her mobile back up, catching her eye i said “mum the house is on fire” in jest, speaking into her mobile she said “okay whats so important, is the house on fire” .. “what do you mean theres smoke in the kitchen” .. it was her daughter relaying how her son had burnt the toast ..

Today i was talking with her about next door’s cat staying at mine while my neighbours are away .. she looks at the text just come through to her phone .. “mum can you get some cat food” .. we both just laughed and said don’t mention fire .. too freaky ..

I love random coincedences, i always find them freakily awesome, like some kind of psyhic is waving their magic wand.

Hes never gonna leave me alone ..

Today i woke to email notifications from my other website .. i haven’t signed in there for near three months now and i have no wish to either .. there is alot of negativity around that site not least because i met my abusive ex there .. i have been thinking of deleting but its not just a case of deleting a profile, the site keeps your entries and blogs etc unless you delete them one by one ..

The notifications in my email are nothing new but today’s were different .. simply because they are from my abusive ex who has set up yet another new profile. Next month will be a year since i left him but still he carries on sending me emails and i continously ignore.

I know why hes done this .. its a new tactic, he knows i haven’t signed in to this site for so long and with ignoring his emails hes trying to find a way to grab my attention.

So i feel its gonna be a while before i’m able to sign in there tying up loose ends and pressing delete delete delete.

I suddenly feel like i’ve got the weight of the world upon my shoulders.

July 26th ..

was the birthday of an ex from six years ago .. we met on a dating site and had an on/off relationship for 18 months .. during this time my daughter had gone completely off the rails and he kept me from going nuts, i will never forget .. we got on really well together, we’d laugh and joke about, but we never got to take the relationship to the next level and in the end just went our seperate ways, he stopped communicating and i moved on .. over the next four years he would sometimes message me out the blue and we’d have a conversation before he’d disappear again .. the next time i saw him i was mixed up in my abusive relationship, i confided in him and he listened, he asked me to come out with him for an evening to give me a break from the mental torture i was putting myself through .. it felt like here he was again, my guardian angel picking up the pieces but my head was to all over the place to give it any value .. the morning of July 26th 2012 i messaged him a happy birthday one text led to another through my working day, when i got home in the evening he called me up and asked me to go for coffee with him, he had loads to tell me .. he’d been through some trauma, it made me sad that i hadn’t known and could of supported him just like he had me but most the evening was spent wrapped up in each other’s laughter just like old times .. come the end of the night he looked into my eyes and kissed me full on the lips with passion promising to text me in the morning .. over the course of the next couple of days we texted and spoke it was all so natural i felt i was right to ask him to think about what if anything he wanted from this .. we met up again and still we laughed together and enjoyed each others company the evening went by so fast .. we spoke on the phone the following day and the day after then nothing .. he ignored my call and texts and i asked him why .. nothing no response its been nearly a week now i’ve let it go trying to forget him and helpless as to understanding why.

On the other side my abusive ex who i have ignored for nearly a year now sent me an email yesterday telling me how much he missed me and my ignoring him had done nothing to deter his feelings.

Theres some irony in all this and he must be laughing at me.

Just lately ..

There seems to be alot more randomness in my days with little relation to a specific goal which i would like to share and still record so hello randomness, special moments of life’s ever changing cycle of days .. :)

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