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live life to the fullest

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Morning Song has written 6 entries about this goal

just for today

I’m getting off work around 7 – 7:30pm. I want to do something fun, interesting, and totally relaxes me before going to sleep tonight… What could it be? Hm….

no procrastination

If there’s something that needs to be done, or if there’s something I want to do, get it done asap. Don’t wait till tomorrow.


went to a B&B across from a 100 acre farm last weekend, and then visited the national park. wish i had taken the camera with me then there would be photos to share. going to a symphony this weekend with a blind date :)

workout helps :)

The 30 minutes a day workout helped. I now have much more energy after a week. I can do something fun this weekend, am going to play tourist for a day, then go spend a day at a B&B to relax and remember all the good things in life :)

todo for today

I’ve got to feel good and be in good health first to live a full life. So, I’m going to work out today after work. My heart, liver, kidney, brain will all thank me for that.

learning to live a life

I’ve been spending the first 35 years of life building up things- career, relationships. I’ve always been a worrier, always anxious about the future, about what to do about this and that. Now I realize these worries are thieves. They are stealing my precious life. I want to let them go and reclaim my precious moments. The challenge is – how do I do that when worrying is so ingrained in my brain. Well, I’ve got to start somewhere, maybe just for today, I can try to do something that makes my heart happy.

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