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Can't stop crying when..

I think of how alone I am. Gosh I’m starting to sink again and I can’t help it. JC’s moving on to days, so that’s over before any possibility of anything could of begun. I know I’m putting obstacles in front of me finding happiness and the fact that he’s changed onto days isn’t really that much of a big deal to some. It is for me because now I won’t see him at all. AT ALL. Noooo. I need to figure out a way to give him my number without seeming too pushy because although I suspect he may be bisexual I can’t come out and ask him out incase he isn’t, you know. Gosh I’m jst so sick of being sad. Anyways, gotta study then tidy up and hit the hay for work tonight. Luv all my subscribers and all of you 43thingers x x x x x

Need to self evaluate..

I think. I don’t class myself as lonely anymore because of the lack of people who care about me in my life. I find I have a lot of people now who my time and life is committed too. BUT I guess I will always be a bit lonely until I find that special guy to love me. I’m jst focusing on myself and on my education now. Gotta work work work and not have time to be sad or lonely. I’ve done that and it aint worth doing again…

I'm trying

I love my time alone if I’m honest. I use it to wind down and evaluate things; everything. If I’m honest I over analize alot of things to the point of creating unessacary stress and anxiety. This used to cause my alone time to be a bit uncomforatable and frustrating. Now after my ‘Fuck it’ attitude I enjoy it alot more and tend to not over analise as much. Anyhoo, I’m making a more of an effort to be around people. So technically I’m not as lonely. YAAAY ME!! Gotta keep at it though and embrace people’s personalities nd what not! 2012’s my year x x x

U know what..

After these past few weeks of being around people constantly. I’m glad I’ve been pretty much alone for the past couple days. Being lonely isn’t always a bad thing.

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