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lose 20 lbs

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PCAB has written 18 entries about this goal


I weighed myself this weekend. I am now 216 lbs which is 36 lbs over my goal.
So I’m back to watching what I eat and I ran tonight and last night. I have to build the habits I need so I can really start getting to where i need to be.
this entry could go under a lot of categories. there is a lot of shit in my life that winds through a lot of things.
Slowly I’m recognizing and taking steps to fix them.
This will take a long time. There is a lot of shit here…


after starting, stopping and gaining weight i’m now back to 200 lbs my original starting weight.
I’m continuing to workout and eat with better habits.
I’m going to continue to work my way down and to feel better.


edging closer to my intial starting weight.
going to the gym and watching the food I eat.
Don’t feel much better but this will be a long process


in two weeks i’ve lost 5.5 pounds. excercising. Using my gym membership and not eating like a pig.
I”m not pushing yet. trying to build good habits then push.


i am 10 lbs over the start weight I intended. I’m starting a new weight loss challenge. try and lose as much as I can in 12 weeks. See how it goes.


Lost 1.5 pounds this week. Learning to swim.
I’m under my start weight.
Feel good.


worked out all week. watched what I ate and stayed the same this week. I feel better but it is frustrating.
Keeping at it.


Gym twice this week. Trying to build that habit.


Weekend in vegas. Walked. Ate right but gained a pound. Have to work harder.
Weigh ins every week.


started a weigh loss challenge. To my surprise I’m back to 200. 20 lbs to go. Must lose by christmas.
Stopped coffee. Stopped candy. Eating real food.
Exercise tomorrow.

PCAB has gotten 85 cheers on this goal.


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