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Give opportunities to those who reach out to me


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Everyone Has Goals...Just Be Sensitive To Them and Yours Will Be Achieved

In my role as Director of Operations for one of North America’s leading fashion retailers I am constantly faced with the need to bring the best quality talent to my business.

I’m currently charged with opening up new frontiers in Western Canada and at the sacrifice of my family have been traveling since July opening up new stores that have needed lots of new people. My luck has recently increased and I believe it’s because I have listened to the little man that lives inside my head where choosing these people are concerned.

Tonight after reading my friend Jamie’s commentaries I received two phone calls from two excellent people from a remote area of Birtish Columbia, where incidentally I am opening my next store and previously I have had nothing but roadblocks in trying to get my staff together for this location that opens at the end of October.

It’s rather revolutionary when you examine the outcome of being open, and listening and watching, and anticipating the evolution of your personal goals. Everyone has goals, leaving yourself open to listening to them and embracing them can have a tremendous impact on those of your own.

It sends shivers down my spine to think that I have manufactured these events, and that they were first of all inspired by my friend Jamie who lives in Ottawa whom I have not seen since November 2004 in Chicago at the Packaging Show.


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