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Go on more bicycle rides.

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I’m fixing to go down to the local Wally World and get me some new tubes, just to start fresh, or a new friggin pump…

I would ride my bike, but it’s the damned tires! I’m itching to go cruisin before the weather gets shitty again.

Hand signals

So I’ve ridden my bicycle 5 times so far since I’ve gotten it fixed… Actually it’s been about a week and a half since I’ve been able to ride. :( prior commitments and such… there’s a park nearby, I’ve yet to go explore it. That’s on the to-do list.


Seeing as how I’m not sleeping at this Godawful hour I suppose I could put my energy into writing something.

I’ve taken my newly detailed and maintained bicycle out for a trip twice in the past two weeks. It’s something considering I haven’t ever really ridden it since I got it, like, I don’t know… 2 years ago. 2 years I just let it sit and rot in the shed. Isn’t that a crying shame?

So I figure- I’m not doing any good sitting in front of a computer screen… go bike. New neighborhood, less chance of getting mowed down by an SUV. It’s been raining, and I’m still a little rusty with the whole gear-shifting and whatnot so I’m taking it slow for now. My bike is a lot easier to get to now- I don’t have to reach into a spider-infested hotbox anymore, which helps. This is looking like a fun spring of bicycle riding afoot.

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