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Dictionary Word Highlighting Project

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I worked on words starting with “C”. 25 letters go to!

More words

A couple of weeks ago, I found a stack of vocabulary flash cards from my senior year. I wrote them down in the list of words to be highlighted. It was about a page and a half. The only thing is, is that I think there are a handful of duplicate words on the list now.

An Explanation

All through my high school time, I had to do flash cards for English class.

I kept them.

One day I noticed they’re taking up a lot of space. (When you have about 500+ index cards, you have a nicely-sized box of paper) So instead of just getting rid of them and the information on them, I tediously recorded every single word I learned in high school.

Now what, I thought.


I have a dictionary. I have a highlighter and a pen.

1. Look up a word on the list.
2. Highlight it in the dictionary.
3. Cross it off on the list.

Might sound boring/crazy/repetitive. It is.

But it makes a damn good time-occupying task for my nieces and nephews! It’s book work, and it teaches them at the same time!

What do I get out of this?

Well I get to see every single word I learned highlighted in the dictionary afterward, which could look pretty cool.

I want to use the sh!t out of my dictionary.

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