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Start my small business(es) in 2012

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Just found out this guy from work quit his job to open up a restaurant. Very inspiring and I hope he does well. I plan to stop by to support him as soon as I get a chance.

Corporate america

Corporate america is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I could like my job, and I did for a while, but after a year I’m beginning to notice the undercover backstabbings, the insane politics, the tendency to treat people like disposable objects all surrounded by the willingness to make the most illogical decisions with minimum inspection of existing science or supporting data. I will survive probably by becoming indifferent to this mess, but I cannot have my livelihood depend on this forever.

A friend and I had a great idea for a business, involving a patentable idea. I have to follow-up ASAP.


My original plan was jewelry but so many small jewelry businesses are cropping up all ovr the place, selling essentialy the same thing has sort of discouraged me. I won’t give up but if I do jewelry, it has to be more distinct than beads on wire, and it has to be more valuable (precious metals with precious stones). Still a work in progress.

I do have another idea that might be more profitable, and also more work, but I would love it. I wasn’t sure what form it shold take but now, after thinking about it last night, I think I have it sorta figured out. This one might need significantly more time and capital so planning will be essential.


So life happened. I have a “real” job with real responsibilities and owning my own business got shoved in a corner. But since this is a dream, it won’t die and it’s nagging at me again.

I have two ideas that I really want to pursue, and the good thing about that “real” job is that I might actually be able to fund them.
1. Event planning
2. Jewelry design

I’m learning project management skills and realising the importance of timelines, so my next step is to create a work breakdown structure for each goal. Nothing like a deadline to motivate a person!!


My little jewelry nook. Not entirely set up but I love it. Making jewelry is the best thing ever, a nice release from the other stresses in my life.


So I finally have the website up, but I don’t like it too much so I dont even bother to advertise. I think I have to spend more time designing and crafting my jewelry before I bother with selling for a while.

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