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let my actions speak louder than my words

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Uh Oh!

I have returned to one hour of meditation each morning and this was a huge message that came out of my meditation. Shut up! Let others live their own lives and I need to work on mine. The image that came to my mind was, if my yard is a mess and I keep telling people (daughter, love, sons, friends) how to clean up their yard, I am a fool.

Shutting up now. Printing my list and getting busy.


This is not as hard as it used to be. I can breathe through things and choose kindness. I don’t give up what I have to say, IF it is a mature thing to do. I am so much more patient and kind. I still do the right thing, even if I am hurt and want to lash out.

I used loving words, an act of faith.

Holy God in heaven, I ache, and I did the right thing. It was important to be brave and yield.

The last few days

I’m trying really hard to show how much I love someone and not taking their stressed mood personally. It’s not as hard as it used to be. Deep Breath!

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