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A genie comes to you and says he'll grant you three wishes...What do you wish for?

When I first posted this goal I thought I knew exactly what I wanted my dream life to be. Then when I begun to write an entry about it I suddenly realized I did not. So as lame as I am I decided to Bing “how to make your dream life a reality”. LOL To my surprise I found a lot of good articles on the matter. Articles that stated the obvious. Which is in order to go after your dream you need to know exactly what your dream is. More importantly you must know why it is you want this. Two very important things that I have not an answer for. All I know for sure is this is not the life I wish to live. So I have decided to do some serious soul searching inorder to get a hand on what it is I wish my dream life to be. So stay tune. It is bound to be entertaining, interesting, and outrageously out there! Peace & Love. -CW

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