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spend more time outside

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i started

an internship where i work outside doing planting native plants in the morning one day a week. i’m also working on going for a walk every morning to get morning sunlight to help with seasonal affective disorder during the winter.

I have had

a lot of trouble meeting the people who responded to my activity partner ad on craigslist. they are really flakey or something. one of my friends wants to go surfing tomorrow but now i have some stupid cold. i’m trying to relax and drink a lot of water… i wish i had more food in my house but i’m going to cook a lot of squash and eat it with noodles, that’s all i’ve been eating the past few days, i hate living alone you just end up eating all the same food over and over again. argh.

i’m going to try posting another ad on craigslist and emailing my friend who said she wanted to go surfing.

Posted an ad on craigslist

for outdoor sports buddies. and so many people responded. i should be able to start meeting a lot of people to go for walks with and such. i met one of them today and we went for a walk.

Did some gardening today!

And it was nice out in the sun.

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