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get my driver's license

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Ok so

I went to get the license and now Im just waiting for it in the mail, So Im just going to check this as done. Im really proud of myself. I have proved to myself more than once that If I put my mind to something that I can do it. I cant believe I have my license!! Now its time to get that car Ive been saving for. :) Good Luck everyone!


I’m getting my license next week hopefully! If i pass the test. I’m already looking for a car and there is just some loose ends that need to be tied. I plan to have it before this month is over though and definitely before my 19th birthday!


I have resorted to Driver’s Ed..wish me luck.


I haven’t made any progress on this goal. I dont think I will master this anytime soon. :(

This Goal.

Will be my New year’s resolution.


I went driving with my friend today. It went really well and I wasnt that nervous. But i really need to work on paying attention to what’s happening around me and to my signals and stuff. I dont think I’ll be ready to drive by myself for awhile though lol, I want to get my drivers license this year!


It seems like i will never learn how to drive! It sucks. I know it will be a hard goal because i havent even learned to DRIVE yet!! But anyway i was supposed to go yesterday because it was a holiday and everything would be closed and all the parking lots would be empty for me to use. So anyway hopefully i will go sometime soon because i want to get my license so i can get a freaking car! :D


First i need to learn how to DRIVE! Everybody in the world drives and i cant. Im just so darn retarded that i dont even know some directions. I need to get my license so i can start driving to school and stop acting like a damn baby. Im spoiled and im used to being drove everywhere but now im 17 and its time to learn!

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