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Join a credit union and switch my accounts

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signed and activated

the debit card.

The next time I sit down to pay bills, I’ll start transiting over autopayments.

Step one

I joined Sound Credit Union. Their branch is over by the new Wal-Mart, not my favorite location, but I’ll live.

Step two will be to get my husband to go over and sign the cards, so he can be on the account, too.

Step three will be to order checks. I don’t want to do that until step two is completed.


When we moved here, I did research on all the local community banks, and decided to go with Pacific First Federal Savings because they had an excellent record of lending to all people in the community.

Washington Mutual bought PFF. That was tough, but at that time, WaMu was still a local savings bank, and we went along with it.

Fast forward to the Great Recession. WaMu craters under its load of junky loans. It is purchased by Chase.

We now have our accounts at Chase, as far away from PFF conceptually as one may go. I am all too aware that we are supporting the irresponsibility of the financial system by keeping our accounts there.

I have no time, I really don’t, to deal with this. But I feel strongly that it must get done. So if I can not do it personally, I will need to oversee it happening. My husband, bless his heart, is unemployed – is there some way I can persuade him to spend time on this? What about my daughter? Does she have spare time? How can she protest at Occupy Seattle and not see the contradiction of having a Chase debit card in her wallet?

November 5 is move your money to a credit union day. I will attempt to see this completed by that day.

The first task is to research which credit unions we could belong to. The ones that are near where we live are:

Boeing Employees Credit Union
First Technology Credit Union
Watermark Credit Union
Qualstar Credit Union
AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union

All of these are just as convenient as our local Chase branch. Arguably, since First Tech is next to Trader Joe’s, while it’s a little further away, it’s actually more convenient.

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