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be a zealot about dental hygiene

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joie de vivre has written 6 entries about this goal


Another great check-up – all 1s, 2s, and 3s. The few 4s are all stable – no swelling, inflammation or bleeding.

Even better check-up

This has really paid off – only two 4s, everywhere else is 3 or lower.

Yay for me!

Best check up ever

Brushing regularly, flossing and poking around on a daily basis now. As a result, while my check-up today wasn’t perfect, I got an A- and no lecture about how I needed to improve. So I think I’m finally doing well enough with this to mark it as “done”. Man, how long has this one been on my list??

New toothbrush

I am hoping that a new rotary head toothbrush will help.

Did not make my QQT

I just got back from the dentist. They did a full set of x-rays in addition to the usual cleaning and exam, so I was there for two &%$ hours.

OK, so my QQT was to get all 3s or better. I did not make this goal, so I do not get to take this off of my 43things.

But…my 6 became a 5. Several of my 5s became 4s. And many of my 4s became 3s. So, there’s been progress.

I’m keeping the same QQT: all threes by the next appointment. This means:

Absolutely brush, and floss daily – can not slack for a day on the floss thing. And then, this is the one I still really fall down on – use the dang rubber tip thing every single day, not just a couple times a week, when I remember/feel like it.

This is actually possible, I think, to get all threes. Bringing the 5s down, the crevices in the inside back teeth – those are going to be the hardest.


I’m already good about brushing

Flossing – needs improvement to where I’m doing it EVERY DAY, not just several times a week.

Where I really need to get better: using the rubber tip thingy to “paint” along the gum line. EVERY DAY, Petersky!

QQT: to have no greater than “3”s on any of my gums at my next dental appointment. You heard it here first!

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