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Practice Gratitude

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I have a job

A friend runs a homeless shelter. Her residents made these affirmations to keep their spirits up as they look for jobs.


First commute in the real dark-dark – that new German head light is extraordinary. Wow.

A perfect stranger

I ran into the QFC to pick up a loaf of bread on the way home from work. A perfect stranger complemented what I was wearing as I hustled myself on the way out.

I complement perfect strangers frequently on their appearance. It was so nice and unexpected to have it paid forward to me.

Phone not completely and thoroughly dead

Took the mobile phone battery out, reseated it, and recharged. Now appears to be working.


Grey and Gold

Grey wool sweater
Gold bike

Grey bands of clouds
Gold rays of the setting sun

Grey lake
Gold reflection and sparkles

Grey tree trunks
Gold autumn leaves

Grey damp pavement
Gold fir needles thickly scattered

Grey new bike light
Gold beam illuminating the gloaming

My neighbor trimmed his tree

I can now see a mountain out the window, from my living room sofa. Right now, it is illuminated by the setting sun.

Added: I think it might be Quartz Mountain.

out of the dryer

warm underpants
warm jeans
warm shirt


I know it’s roasting on the rest of the continent, but it’s been chilly and rainy here for so long…nice to put on warm things

Looking for gratitude

I broke a spoke

I am grateful that my husband offered to pick me up

It started to rain and there were a lot of mosquitoes where I was waiting for him

I am grateful that there were a lot of nice, ripe thimbleberries there, too. They were delicious.

The bike shop said they may not be able to fix it until Thursday.

I am grateful that the bike shop will try to fix the bike this weekend. I am grateful that I can ride the tandem tomorrow and on the 4th of July. I am grateful that I can do yoga on the days I’m not riding.

They will need to actually replace half the spokes on the bike.

I am grateful that my bike is in the hands of competent mechanics who can rebuild my wheel if necessary.

Boba tea

Grateful that boba tea exists
That I have a local boba tea shop that has fresh and tasty bobas
That when I was 29 cents short, the boba shop gave me my tea anyway.

Jury duty

at least two days off from work
lots of time to horse around on line
opportunity to walk around downtown
easy bike ride to/from with lots of other riders

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