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avoid high fructose corn syrup

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Welll, that was easy

After reading some things about how bad HFCS is, and how it is insidiously in everything, I feared the worst. I just did a complete inventory of the pantry and the fridge. What we have with HFCS:

Two boxes of Kellogg’s brand cereals
A bottle of ketchup
A jar of mayonaise
A bottle of Mrs. Dash (or something like that)
A bottle of Worchester Sauce

That’s it! I was really surprised that items like the garlic black bean sauce or hoisin sauce didn’t have HFCS, but since they’re manufactured in Asia, I guess not. The bread, all the other boxes of cereals, were OK. All we need to do is not buy brand-name cereals, and it’s only going to show up in a rare condiment.

So, without being conscious of it, we are already avoiding HFCS—it’s pretty much only going to show up when we eat out.

1st step

Put a sticker or something on every item currently in the house with HFCS.

Since I’m so much of a from-scratch cook, a lot of our food comes from places like Trader Joes, and we don’t drink things like soda pop generally, I think we’re going to be OK on this. But I’m going to find out—you don’t know until you start the inventory.

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