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Get my nipples pierced.

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So far.....

I’ll say it is worth doing, but it’s too soon to make a judgment call.

Renewed Interest-

I want these done. I know that we’re just supposed to say screw the pain and go for it, but I am scared of the pain. A few- VERY few- people say it doesn’t hurt much. However, the overwhelming majority says that it is hellish, intense, excrutiating pain. That is most worrisome indeed. I cannot recall having ever been in THAT much pain, and the thought frightens me. I need money to do it, as well. I really want it done, though. I’d like to score the money by tonight and get it done after I take a good long nap (didn’t sleep last night). Prob. won’t happen, though. My friend wants it done, but her boyfriend isn’t keen on it, so I dunno if she’s going to do it with me or not. Actually, I think he might have said it was okay, though. Maybe we’ll find out today. Oh man, what if I do one and get too scared to do the second one or what if I do them and I jump and rip one of them?

Why am I doing this again?

Don’t get me wrong. I do want them pierced. I want them pierced for several reasons, yet at the same time my urgency to do it has died down, which sucks since it will suck some of the fun out of doing it. Also, it may make me more nervous getting it done. I hope I get the excitment back, but a calm excitement (not a nervous one) when it comes time to do it. However, even with lessened urgency, my mind is now saying it is something I MUST do. This is what confuses me. What does it REALLY mean to me? I think it means more to me than I even know.

I Wish......

I had the money….......sighs

Do You.......

actually see the jewelry through the shirt or just your nipples? Because sometimes hard nipples show through clothes- shirts and bras worn together, even if you aren’t pierced. Men show their chests all the time and people want to get upset because the outline of a woman’s nipples shows through her shirt? My mother is fairly conservative and modest, but even she has said sometimes you just can’t hide your nipples, so why worry about it? However, another person I know that is fairly comfortable with nudity, tapes hers down sometimes to hide them. I say if it shows, oh well. I’m not cutting them off or taping them down all the time and keeping them irritated. So, to me if all that shows through the shirt are the outlines of erect nipples, I don’t care because that happens sometimes anyways. I just want to know if the actual jewelry is noticeable.

What hurts worse?

Nipple piercings or a brazillian sugar wax?

Thinkin About Gettin Nipped in the Nipples

I’m not sure if I’m actually going to go through with this or not, but I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now. I like my nipples natural, but I also like the pierced look and it would be something new and I hear it really increases the sensitivity for a lot of people, which sounds good to me. I think it may be one of those things that I’m going to keep thinking about until I try it out. I’m nervous about the pain since the most extreme thing I’ve had pierced is my tongue and the most painful thing I’ve had pierced was my nose. I’ve also not decided for certain whether I want vertical or horizontal piercings, but I think I want horizontal. Normal gauge is 14 right? 14 sounds a bit big for my nipples, but I don’t want to risk rejection either.

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