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Wait until marriage

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I made a vow at 21 not to have sex until marriage. (True Love Waits) I lost a handful of girlfriends because I wouldn’t have sex with them. I felt that holding on to my virginity what what made me different than all the other guys out there having sex. 10 years later I caved. I was curious to see what it was like. It was with my girlfriend but I didn’t love her… but the wanting to have sex was mutual. She wasn’t a virgin but I was her 2nd. And you know what? It didn’t change me. I still want to wait until I get married because I know that when I do it with the one I love, the one I commit myself to for life, it will be the most special thing in the world. So all I can say is: don’t give in. Guys especially. Trust me. Your first time you will want to be with someone who will be there AFTER your first time so you can do it again. I say this because it will be AWKWARD and possibly embarassing. I was fortunate to be with someone who was able to laugh WITH me. You may not be so lucky. Your spouse will understand if they know it’s your first time… and they will love you for it. Amen.

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