Hailie Esther Faelynn is doing 17 things including…

become a fairy


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Im only on for a couple minutes but the Dark Army (Mable Tribe) Was created the day the Earth Stood Still. I need to leave so please hurry and ask and tell things, Because I’m on a really thin thread with on the computer. Dr.Mathia ( the sprite) wants me off it but shes in the cafatiria so please hurry.


Umm, I have to leave 43Things. Its a long story to explain but I’m leaving at 7:00. It was nice knowing all of you and you CAN become a faery, I really dont know how to explain things so..Actually, I’ll boost it up to 8:00 until I go off. So if you have any questions before I leave I can Answer them..Uhh so..yup.

We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different, and yet we the same.


Anyone wanna talk?







These are the only kinda legit things I could find.


Here is my whole body when at night.

I’m not very ” Pretty”


I asked my aunt to take a picture of my FULL self! I just want to point out that you have the choice to stay as tall as you are, or get tiny. You dont ” suddenly” Lapse into shrinkage. I chose shrinking.


I have concern for helping all of you, so I was destined to find a ” Fae Spell” link. I did not read it throughly, but future fes you may be suprised for what is in store for you.I dislike Voodo terribly, so I wish for you not to enhance its power with your great ability.





And last but not least,


Good luck:)


Princess LaQuel is in the infermery..the war is not over although she has exited the war because she was very near to death. When she was flying an arrow plunged into her bottom left shoulder blade, causing her to fall hard. She is okay but
I have to take care of her, so I will not enter this site for a few days. I’m sorry, Princess is’nt dead she is just in mid condition.

Signed, Hailie Esther Faelynn & Eli LoeFeath.


Princess LaQel is sorry she isnt on here, shes in war.


I’m going to delete my astral post because i make to much posts and i want to subsitude it for something else.


I want to:
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