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truly forgive the people that have hurt me (43)


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I will never be able to do this it hurts so much they hurt me pysecly and mentaly i guess this proves that when people get bullied they never heal i still wake up in the middle of the night crying but maybe it will get better i still get bullied by them and it hurts so much i told the teachers but it didnt help it only got worse how will i ever be able to forgive them for what they are doing to me i guess i will just have to give my best effort and be a tough girl i have been bullied since kindergarden it never gets better it only gets worse for me i am always so scared that one day they will come and beat me up again the last time they beat me up it was snowing and i was walking by the sledding hill and one of the kids that bullys me yelled hit her with the sled so then the other kid hit me with the sled and i got a bruise and a large cut on my leg that needed three stitches maybe i can forgive them for hurting me everyday maybe


I get bullied a kid hit me with a sled i want to forgive and forget but i cant because i know they did it on purpose they even told me so ugh i need counceling


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