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Pick up every red Royal Mail elastic band I see for a year and make them into a big bouncy ball

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Picked up another 3 when I went to fetch a couple of parcels from the sorting office :)


I haven’t got enough rubber bands to make my first layer but I’m getting there!

I've started again!

Any red rubber band I find, I’m going to add to my ball. I’ve got 3 today.

Starting date 11th June 2008. :)

I've lost my ball!

My year was up on Decemebr 8th and i added all my elastic bacnds to it and was very happy.

But before I could take a picture of it, life went nuts and I mislaid it.

I’m keeping this “thing” open until I find it again.


I’ve collected loads. Still got to add the final few to my ball though.

Stiil going!

I’m not finding as many as I used to, but I’m still picking them up when I see them.


I think Caro1 was right when she said I have to be careful about touching so much latex. My hand is all itchy!


Here are the bands that arrived this morning.

Suprise parcel!

An envelope of red rubber bands turned up this morning from a friend who knew I was collecting them. Hooray!


On a quick walk into town to get a jacket potato for lunch managed to get me 22 more elastic bands. Hooray!

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