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go to the czech republic this june

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so yes, i DID end up going. i t was the most wonderful time ever!


i am on the waiting list but this will not happen. at least not this year.

damn you prof hanlon

so i just finished my exam and prof hanlon pulls me aside and tells me that i am on the waiting list for the trip but i might not get to go. that is fine. THEN he procedes to tell me that if i DO go, he is taking 2-3 students after the trip to northern italy with his daughter, to look at the archives there and stay in a monastary. as i listen to him talking i am in awe of adventure but secretly CRYING because of my zero money. therefore i hate prof hanlon for bringing up these awesoem trips while i have no money. BLAST!

sad news

the trip is actually $4300. Prof Hanlon said it was a lot less. i am very disappointed. i will probably not be able to go now…... :( back to the vet for me all summer…..


my mum just called and said i have now got the OK from both her and my dad for the trip. now i just need to figure out exact costs and dates. i have emailed prof hanlon. i am so incredibly excited. this has given me new motivaation to do well in school. AWESOME. but no abad. geez.

but seriously, i’m super excited. i really hope this pans out.

history trip

there is a history trip to cesky krumlov this summer for the entire month of june with my university. i really really really want to go. eastern europe has always fascinated me. The class is about Baroque culture and history in early modern europe. you live in the city, take classes in the castle and get to go to an opera. it is one of two remaining opera houses of its type left in the world. i would love to go. plus weekend excursions to prauge. i am in the process of convincing my parents to help me pay.

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