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NDP won in halifax!!!!! go alexa!!!! WOOOOOOOT!


i just voted. i feel very happy about it. i almost voted for the marxist-leninist paty but then at the last minute i switched back to ndp. maybe next time tony seed.

but, is voitng ‘worth it’? i often think no, but i mean if everyone felt that way, no one would ever vote except for the godaweful conservatives. then we’d be in for it. shipping my pals off to iraq, not allowing gays to get married, taking away our health care, and ALL social programs, ruining our environment (good bye kyoto!) and of course making abortin illegal. because when your sister or pal is raped and gets pregnant, she really wants to have that baby.

in conclusion, i feel better about voting already. GO VOTE NOW!

the dream is over

steven harper is such an ass. seriously. if anyone votes conservative i’ll kill them. well not seriously. but come on. who really wants canada to go downhill in such a way?

who am i kidding. he’s going to win. its over for all of us.

vote NDP!

big election on the 23 of january. alexa mcdonough you have my vote! ndp! originially i thought the voting process was different since the last election i voted in, you voted seperatly fr federal, provincial and municipal governments. so i was going to vote liberal for provincial and ndp for the rest. but now mr.laytons calling for people to actually vote ndp and not liberal. plus alexa is great. even steven harper loves her. so she’s got my vote. also its not that type of election anymore, its just one vote.

PLEASE VOTE NDP OR LIBERAL!!!!!! dont let idiot steven harper get in, then he’ll get rid of the health care system and the kyoto protocol! we dont want bush’s pals in OUR office!

now to get meg to register!

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