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Find Maya and bring her home

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Prof. Wormwood has written 23 entries about this goal

It's been 13 months.

I don’t know when to give up this goal. Or when to move it down on my list. I feel guilty staring into her eyes in the photograph thinking I’ve abandoned trying to find her. I did so much but I feel like a bad person for not trying hard enough. Oh Maya, why didn’t you just get yourself found?

I went and looked for her

I wish I’d had more time to knock on doors, but it felt good to see where she was lost, and where she’s probably hiding out if she’s still alive. I sure wished she would be sitting there waiting for me when I showed up, but she wasn’t.

Another "not Maya"

The nice lady sent me pictures from her cell phone. But this cat did not have Maya’s markings on her face. It was very sad. I found out that if you Google: found cat Ashland Ky, you get to this page. I hope someone finds her and does just that. If that person is you, leave a comment please! Visit for my phone number.

Last night I dreamed

that a man in a work suit (one piece… like a janitor outfit) found Maya. He wanted to keep her. Instead of the $500 reward, he wanted to pay me $1500 to keep her but I wanted her back no matter what. I still want her home. It’s been 6 months since she got lost.

Maya Maya, Wherever you are

Two weeks from now, I will be driving through the town you were lost in. It’s 5 hours away and I will be driving right through this town. Maya, if you are out there, if you can “hear” me thinking about you, get yourself FOUND between now and then. Run away from wherever you are captive. Walk right into a grocery store that posts a sign about you. Show up at the home of an Ashland Angel who is looking for you. Meow outside of a vet clinic. Do something to get noticed and stay away from busy streets. If you are still wearing your collar, let someone read the phone number on it. Come on, MAYA. Enough is enough. It’s time to come home. Please. Please?

Another "not Maya" email

The description fit but the photo did not. Someone found a cat and is feeding it at least. But it’s not MY Maya.

Created a photo album

Another "not Maya"


Last night---this morning

Last night at 1am my 19 year old cat Mittens started yowling funny. I went out into the hall and she was halfway up the staircase trying to get up another step. Her back legs had stopped working. I picked her up and brought her to my bed and she was obviously in pain. We called the vet and rushed her to the vet ER. By the time we got there she was in so much pain she was incoherent. Thrashing about, biting everything (even me), trying to use her front paws to pull herself away. She is deaf so she couldn’t hear us trying to soothe her and she was in so much pain she couldn’t be touched. The vet said her heart was in failure and that she had thrown a clot to the juncture where a blood vessel divides to the back legs. Evenually we decided that she needed lots and lots of pain medication, and she died in my arms- relaxed and at peace around 2:30am.

This morning I got a call from one of my Ashland Angels, Gina. An elderly woman who lives directly through the woods behind the Quality Inn in Ashland got a flyer with my phone number Gina’s local number. She recognized the photo as possibly the cat she has been feeding each morning and evening. She called her daughter who called the local phone number on the flyer, and then Gina called me.

I am waiting until the usual dinner feeding, sure that I’ll have angels there with a camera, a cat carrier, and yummy treats.

I’m thinking that when Mittens died she had a little chat with God and told her that her people below needed a little help today. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

I’ll keep you all posted.

Photo of Mittens (left) and Maya (right) this past summer 2008, nose to nose.


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